There's no place like Nebraska

If you're a sports fan at all, you've probably already heard the story of Nebraska coach Ron Brown leading both Penn State and the Huskers in an on-field prayer before Saturday's game.

I was traveling en route from Memphis to Sutherland on game day, so I only heard reports from The Mister about it. According to him, prior to the teams running on to the field, fans from both teams were loudly cheering their teams on. The teams enter the stadium and make their way to the center of the field, no one, including the reporters in the press box knew what was going on. Slowly everyone began to take notice, the stadium growing quieter and quieter until coach Brown's voice could clearly be heard to the sidelines and up into the first few rows of the stadium. The crowd then begins to clap slowly, gaining momentum at the end of the prayer.

There has been a lot of discussion about the happenings at Penn State, and I agree with many who have voiced the opinion that the victims are being overlooked. The focus has been on the football program, coach Paterno, and how what happened affects THEM - let's focus on how what happened affects the young men who have to live with this abuse for the rest of their lives.

The Nebraska athletes, coaches, musicians, cheerleaders, fans and everyone else who made their way to Pennsylvania on Saturday represented our state in a way that can make every Nebraskan proud.

The University of Nebraska Daily Nebraskan posted a series of letters from Penn State fans attesting to how our representatives behaved:
"... you helped the healing process for so many Penn State fans who had absolutely nothing to do with this scandal. I'll always be a Nittany Lion, but from this day forward, I'm also a huge Husker fan. Thank you..."

"... (Saturday) was a beginning step toward redemption. Thanks...."

"... Your support — both implicit and explicit, intentional and incidental — made a world of difference for our entire community this weekend and will continue to allow us to pick ourselves up, to renew our commitments to the values and ideals we seek to uphold and to remember the victims and prevent future tragedies from ever taking place..."

"...Today you came back to Penn State and, in possibly the finest display of sportsmanship I have ever seen, joined in solidarity with us in our moment of excruciating pain..."

The letters go on and on. I encourage you to go read them. Appreciate how these fellow Nebraskans represented our state, and reflect on how you can become a better person in all aspects of your life.

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