Scam "Survey" for XL Pipeline

Yesterday morning, The Mister answered the telephone to hear about a "survey" being conducted concerning the TransCanada XL Pipeline that is scheduled to be routed through the Nebraska Sandhills.

After listening silently for a long time - during which the caller was touting all of the benefits of the pipeline, The Mister was asked if he would stay on the line while he was connected with Senator Tom Hansen's (Our state legislative representative) office so he could voice his support for the pipeline.

The Mister then asked the caller if it would be all right if he voiced his opposition for the pipeline when he was connected. After clarifying what he said to her several times (she was kind of dense... and seemed surprised that anyone would oppose the pipeline), the line went dead.

She hung up on him!

He tried recalling the number, but it constantly rang busy - guess they were on the phone a lot trying to dupe other Nebraska voters. We looked up the area code from the caller I.D. and found that the call originated in New York City.

We immediately called Senator Hansen's office in outrage of the tactics, plus to make sure he heard loud and clear our opposition to the pipeline. We were greeted with an obviously politically-trained receptionist who politely heard our complaints, then assured us that they had no idea who was making these calls.


We are to believe that?

I don't think so.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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