The call came in at 12:30. Our oldest daughter was in labor with our first grandchild. Even though my head told me that the baby would be a long time in coming, I couldn’t convince my heart, so instead of getting a good night’s sleep and making the drive to Lincoln in the morning, I grabbed my things and began the road trip by 1:00.

Naturally, my head was correct, and Finley Elsie was born at 3:11 in the afternoon.

Throughout my life I have often joked with my children that the only reason I had kids was so that I could get grandchildren, and I’ve often chided them that I had yet to be presented with a single one! I can’t say that now. But I will tell you that I haven’t faced the prospect of becoming a grandmother without some major trepidation.

I began my journey to fulfillment when I married The Mister, which will be nine years ago later this month. After that, I became a better mom and a better person, with the example, love and support that he provides. I went so far as to attend sporting events, which I really don’t understand and like even less than I understand, but with him by my side it became at least tolerable.

When our last child left home in 2009, one transformation occurred and we began to really have fun – hosting House Concerts, Couch Surfers, becoming river rats and traveling wherever and whenever we had the chance.

And so, with the birth of the granddaughter, our lives go through another transformation. She is, I’m sure, the first of many, and I’m hoping for some word from our other daughter within the year, and who knows after that? Now we have to consider how to make sure we stay connected to Finley and all the babies to come. Perhaps travel will be less about us and more about connecting with family? Scheduling less events at home so we can be available when we’re needed to babysit?

It’s hard to say how the future will shape up, but one thing I can say for certain: It will be FUN!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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