Nebraska Cowboy Poetry

I love Cowboy Poetry! You may recall that I have posted in 2009 about our trip up to the annual Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Festival held annually in October. You can find those posts here - "So Many Wranglers, so Little Time" (I also appreciate men in wranglers...) and "You Call These Guys Amateurs?

You'll notice that Nebraska Cowboy Poet RP Smith features prominently in those blog posts. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy his poetry again, this time at the 2011 Heritage Day celebration at the Lincoln County Historical Museum.

When I first moved back to Nebraska in 1993, I hoped to do some freelance writing, but with my kids in 5th, 3rd and kindergarten, it just didn't happen. My aspirations did, however, give me the opportunity to spend the day on R.P.'s Custer County ranch, when his kids were just a little younger than described in the video below.

R.P., his wife Beth and their children are truly Nebraska icons - wonderful examples of the men and women who make this state great. I hope there's a lot more "Dinosaur Eggs" like them in the works.

Keep checking out my YouTube Channel as I'll be posting more of his Heritage Day performances there.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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