Memories from One Foot In The Grave

My friend who prefers to be known as "One Foot in the Grave" is so faithful in sending her notes through every week. I thought the memories she shared with us this week would be fun for everyone to read:

Some of my memories I hope they remind you of some good memories.

If you bought a card table in the late 40’s and 50’s each corner had and ashtray.

Do you remember match box holder which hung high on the wall by the kitchen Stove. What kind of matches did your Mom use?

Were you ever allowed to call in your Mom’s grocery order. In town they delivered every day. Some time after 1949 you could walk around the grocery store and pick out what you wanted. Before that you gave a clerk what you wanted and they put up your order. You didn’t have to decide what brand for soda , yeast , and other items. The store only had one brand. My Mom had two lists - one list was stuff she had to have . The other was things she like if the eggs sold for enough money. Our groceries were put into our egg crate to take home.

When I was growing up a normal breakfast was eggs, bacon or sausage, pancakes, fried potatoes. In the 4th grade I wanted a Lone Rangers code ring and to get that ring you had to send in box top from Kick’s cereal. I don’t remember how many boxes I had to eat to get that ring. I really didn’t like the cereal but I didn’t tell Mom and I ate enough to get the ring. My Mom made hot syrup for pancakes, but I liked gravy on my pancakes.

We had a waffle iron that sat on the cook stove and had to be turned over to cook the waffle. We could only made one at a time so it was always a surprise to have Waffles. If we wanted toast Mom had to bake it in the oven. You toasted one side, turn the bread over and toasted other side. Not sure when we got a toaster like we use today.

Memorial Day was this week. I would have so like to been back to Kewanee cemetery. Aunt Mable would say a prayer. All little kids got a flag to place on a soldier’s grave. We lined up sang a song and went into the grave yard and put our flag on a soldiers grave. Then we go to the basket of wild flowers we pick on the way to Kewanee and placed them on the family graves. It felt so right. It was a day of respect for those who go before us.

Hoping this brings back a good memory for you.


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