Unseasonable Weather

While the system that moved through Nebraska on Friday was uncomfortable and unexpected, I'm not going to complain about it too much. For one reason, as it moved farther east it caused more and more destruction, and my heart goes out to those families and businesses who are cleaning up the destruction and mourning the loss of friends and loved ones. For another reason, today is supposed to be nearly 70 degrees with bright sunshine and low wind. All of the snow will soon be gone and leave in its wake green grass, flowers and trees budding out. The 50 mph winds that accompanied the eight or so inches of snow created beautiful sculptures as it blew through. The fish pond even sported a new look. While the snow makes a beautiful blanket of white covering the patio, this is not exactly the scene I had in mind for it this time of year. The tractor which is behind these snowed-in shed doors will soon be pressed into duty to clear the snow from the drive way in anticipation of our House Concert tonight.

It's easy to see that not everyone is cussing the heavy wet snow that fell overnight. Murphy is firmly convinced that scooping snow is done solely for his pleasure. Waiting... waiting... waiting... The anticipation is killing him.

Now! More! More! More! More snow to chase! Mark ran out of steam long before Murphy did, but he did get all of the doors open, and later on got the tractor out, cleared our driveway and all of the neighbors' driveways and pushed/pulled a few people out of the heavy wet snow. As I'm writing this on Sunday, a few very busy days after the great April blizzard of 2011, the birds are singing, most of the snow, except in the deepest drifts or where the plows and shovels piled it high, is gone, we are anticipating a beautiful day. It truly is springtime.

You can watch a video of my weather report in the YouTube video below.

Thanks for stopping by. We're alternating between coffee and hot choclate and iced tea and lemonade! Gotta love Nebraska.


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