Through the Seasons Part 12

April 6 was gray and overcast in Nebraska. Our weather has been see-sawing between near record highs and record lows, with a few average seasonal days in between. This picture was taken at about 6pm. To me, it just doesn't look like spring at all, but I know it's just around the corner.The picture below was taken on March 3, at about 8:45 in the morning as we headed out to the Colorado RV show to represent the local community. February 13, 10:30a.m. Thank goodness most of the snow is gone from this photo at about 1pm on January 3.
December 4, 9:00am.
November 2, 8:30am.
October 3, 9:00am.
September 6, 7:00pm.
August 7, 8:30am.
July 5, 8:30am.
June 5, 8:30am.
May 5, 6:10pm.
Hoping for a return of the beautiful summer scenery soon!

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