Season Views Redux

The Mister and I have been diligently searching for new spots from which to take new "through the seasons" pictures. It's been a tough job. Slogging through the beautiful Nebraska Outback country side, stopping to consider the merits of each view, fresh air, sunshine and all that. But we persevered through all of the hardships and finally came up with three views that we think will change magnificently throughout the seasons and give you another peek at Nebraska through the year.

The first view below is taken from the North Platte River bridge north of Sarben, Nebraska. We are very familiar with this locale as it has seen the finish of many wonderful tanking trips over the years, and I can imagine that we'll be spending a great deal of time here throughout the summer of 2011 as well.

The photo is taken looking to the south west. The tiny "no trespassing" sign in the lower right hand corner will be the anchor for the photographs. Hoping that the water doesn't rise too much more and wash it out! In the foreground is of course, the river and vegetation surrounding it. In the middle ground is a corn field, and in this shot a coal train. In the background are the hills of the "windy gap" just north of Paxton.
The photograph below is taken from the top of the outlet at the Sutherland Reservoir, looking nearly directly west. The anchor of the photograph will be the clump of cedar trees in the middle right of the photo. March 12 was an absolutely beautiful day in the Outback, with temperatures in the 60's, warm sunshine and, for once, a rare day with no wind. There are numerous fishing boats out on the water.
The photo below is the one I'm most excited about. It is a great view and should change dramatically throughout the year. It is from the crest of Haugland Hill southeast of Sutherland. The photo is taken to the north/northeast. In the foreground is O'Fallons Bluff. In the midground on the left is the South Platte River Valley and Interstate 80. In the background on the left is a corn field and on the right can be seen the Sutherland Ethanol Plant. The anchor point in the photograph will be the fencepost in the lower left.
Of course, given that it is mid March, everything is brown and dreary, but the good news is that will change inexorably throughout the seasons. Each of these photos were taken between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday March 12.
Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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