Why I Do What I Do

A couple of recent emails really made my day. It's easy to get discouraged when it sometimes feels like you're talking to yourself when blogging, so getting feedback from readers makes it all worthwhile (I've removed identifying references):

Hi there Muriel,
I found your blogTalk radio, from doing a 'tanking' search.....
We are a family of 6 adults, 15 children (our grandchildren) ages 1 to 16...who are wanting to have a tanking experience when we come to North Platte/Stapleton area this summer in June.

Because I played your blogRadio last night and heard you make reference to tanking on the Platte, I wanted to enquire of 'opportunites' if you know of some. My family is aware of the Glidden rentals on the Dismal from Mullen, ..are there others that you know of?

By the way,...I am becoming a fan of your sites, (just found you early Jan)...and I commend you on those recent posts of the Eagle Watching...(another great NE opportunity).

My place of birth 1944, was 10 mi. west of Stapleton on Hwy 92...where my father & grandfather farmed, (grfather homesteaded);

My sisters live in Stapleton & ranch north off Hwy 83..., used to write (news & local interest stories) for the Telegraph, perhaps you recall seeing her byline.

I will be following your House Concert venues also......a piano/organ teacher, church musician myself....I am intrigued with this idea.

Thanks for keeping NE on the forefront......I just played the entire link of MissAmerica, her appearance before the press, thanks for that link also.

Yes, that's why I write. To help people relive their memories of Nebraska, keep up with happenings in the state, share in our joys, and to tell our story to the world so everyone knows how great we are too!

You wrote in your blog about the number of visitors and how people find it. So, I thought I'd share how I arrived there tonight.

I have a Google Alert for "Union Pacific." So, when you write about the UP, your blog shows up in the alert. I recognized your blog when I logged onto it tonight as you have written before about the railroad.

I like your blog because your journalism style makes for easy reading; there is a genuine feeling to it. The photos are great as well. Your blog makes a difference in people's lives.

Hailing initially from southeast South Dakota, Nebraska is of interest to me.
Don't ever hesitate to let me know you've enjoyed something I've written. Not only does it make me feel good, but when you share your Nebraska stories with me, I'll pass them on and others can enjoy them too.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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