High Above It All - Miss America at the Golden Spike Tower

When contemplating the site of the VIP reception for Miss America in North Platte, the first thought the Miss Nebraska committee had was "what better place than the Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center?" They chose correctly! The Grand Hall proved to be an elegant location for North Platte's VIP's to gather while awaiting the arrival of Miss America Teresa Scanlan.There were several young people in attendance, including Teresa's "Little Sister" who accompanied her during her journey to become Miss Nebraska at the pageant in June of 2010. The young lady pictured below was very excited that she was going to have an opportunity to meet Miss America.
Such a joyful occasion as welcoming Nebraska's first Miss America engendered much good-natured camaraderie.
Upstairs, on the eighth-floor observation deck, the guests were greeted to the awesome view of Union Pacific's Bailey Yard in the glow of the beautiful Nebraska sunset. We all got the chance to get acquainted with the new Miss Nebraska, Nicky Haverland, and she graciously posed for pictures with everyone, especially all of the star-struck little girls.
The highlight of the evening was the arrival of the visiting queens: Miss Washington Jacquie Brown; Miss Vermont Caroline Bright; Miss Oklahoma Emoly West; Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier; Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady; and Miss Connecticut Brittany Decker. These young women added a lot of sparkle to the room, even without their crowns!
It is a further testament to Teresa's character that these young ladies hold her in such high regard as to make the grueling trip to Nebraska (and yes, I understand there are a few travel stories to come out of their trip) to be with her during her homecoming. Below, Miss Hawaii meets with a young fan.
A member of the staff of the caterer for the evening, JL Candlelight, looks on anxiously as the young women sample their fare, but he needn't have worried. I can speak from experience that it was wonderful. It was great to see all of the young ladies being able to relax for just a moment (even though there were constantly cameras flashing in the background, including mine) and catch up on events in each others' lives post-pageant.
All in all, it turned out to be a splendid, elegant evening, befitting the occasion. We all get to look forward to a few more wonderful events as Teresa's homecoming winds down.


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