Through The Seasons Part Ten

It was quite a shock to wake up this morning and realize that it was almost Valentine's Day and I had yet to post my "Through the Seasons" photograph. The good news is that it's going to be nearly sixty degrees today, so I picked a good day to get out and take some pictures. This picture was taken at about 10:30am on Sunday February 13. You can see the cows grazing on the cornstalks in the left of the picture. They're getting the last goodie out of the crop before spring planting begins.
Thank goodness most of the snow is gone from this photo at about 1pm on January 3.
December 4, 9:00am.
November 2, 8:30am.
October 3, 9:00am.
September 6, 7:00pm.
August 7, 8:30am.
July 5, 8:30am.
June 5, 8:30am.
May 5, 6:10pm.
So far, I have to say that July is my favorite picture.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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