Reflections and Resolutions

February 2011 will mark the beginning of my third year as a blogger, and avid user of all things social media. With that in mind, I've made a few New Years Resolutions that I'd like to share with you all, so you have an idea of what to expect from me in the coming year.

Editorial Calendar for Blog

- My goal is to make my blog more professional, offer more useful and interesting posts, and post more regularly. To that end, I resolve to create an editorial calendar so that I have an idea what I'm going to write about and when.

Blog Talk Radio

- I have taken the plunge and created a Blog Talk Radio show. My first live episode will air on Monday January 10 with Fran Snyder discussing all things House Concert. I'm committed to producing a live episode each Monday at 6:30pm, with content similar to my blog: Nebraska, House Concerts and Live Music and Travel

Listen to internet radio with Nebraska Outback on Blog Talk Radio


- In order to further the exposure of the content I create on my blog, I'm committed to having a professional website created to hold all of the content, and also aggregate the content I create on Facebook, Twitter, BTR, etc. My sweet Son-In-Law has gotten me an excellent price on getting this website created, but it's going to take me awhile to invest even that modest amount. Look for that later this year.

Social Media

- I believe that all forms of social media are invaluable to telling Nebraska's story. I resolve to become more professional in my postings to Twitter and Facebook, and to immediately embrace any new form of media that comes along (such as for livestreaming my House Concerts.) *gulp*

House Concerts

- I love hosting House Concerts, but sometimes the stress is almost unbearable - will I get the house cleaned, will I have time to get the food prepped, remembering all the (free) places there are to promote the concerts, WILL ANYONE SHOW UP? In 2011, besides learning to chill (yeah, right!), I am going to approach my House Concerts more professionally, making and following lists to do everything the same every time, thereby reducing the stress.


- Continue to HAVE FUN in everything that I do - and constantly finding more ways to HAVE FUN, and help everyone around me to HAVE FUN!

Then, of course are all of the usual resolutions - eat healthy, exercise, be a better person...

So keep checking back here to see how I'm doing with my resolutions!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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