Frosty Morning Beauty

As we arrived home late last night from a road trip to Omaha, a heavy fog was blanketing the area, the village lights eerily bright as they reflected off the low white ceiling. In the morning the hoar frost would be coating the trees making for some spectacular photo ops.

At daybreak, which fortunately for me, came at 8:05am, I filled a thermos cup of coffee and with the accompaniment of my Flogging Molly Pandora radio station, I headed out to see what I could see.

Starting off at the Oregon Trails Golf Course, looking south from the clubhouse across the 5th hole, the gray expanse in the background is the Sutherland Reservoir. Further to the east at Omaha Beach (or Rattlesnake Cove depending upon your generation), the ice choked lake bears little resemblance to the fun summer recreation area. The beach access at Hole In The Wall is also covered in frost.
As I continued on around the lake, the ducks sheltering on the canal at the Outlet caught my attention. Hopefully there weren't any hunters in the area hoping for a score, because my camera foray caused quite a commotion among the flock.
One of the prettiest little lanes in the area is at the Inlet. The frost covered trees made a canopy over the road, creating an almost magical path.
Heading north from Sutherland to the North Platte River, this is looking west from the historic bridge.
On the east side, a small flock of Canada geese were sheltering on a frozen sand bar.
Unfortunately, my presence made them too nervous to stick around and they quickly departed. In the distance, too far away in the fog for my equipment to capture a good photograph, a Bald Eagle was hoping for a meal of a wounded duck or goose.
Further north, in the Nebraska Sandhills, even the Yucca plants and barbed-wire fences were sporting a thick coat of spiny frost.
I am an unabashadely summer person, much preferring the heat and sunshine to the cold and gloom of winter. However, even I can find beauty on a day like this in Nebraska.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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