Seat Belts Are There for a Reason - USE THEM

In 2002, my daughter's best friend was killed on her way in to school on the Monday morning after their senior prom. The pickup she was driving rolled over on a paved country road just north of Sutherland. She was not wearing her seat belt and she was ejected from the vehicle.

Just yesterday, a fourteen year old Sutherland boy was killed on his way in to school when the pickup he was driving rolled over on icy roads. He was not wearing his seat belt and he was ejected from the vehicle.

Saturday morning, a friend of mine hit a sheet of black ice while he was driving and rolled his pickup. He was wearing his seat belt. When the pickup came to a stop, he calmly used the butt of his shotgun to break the window and climb out of the wrecked vehicle. He was shaken up but unhurt, and what could have been a tragedy is now a humorous story to tell.

Children, and all people. The seat belts are in your vehicles are there for a reason. It is a scientifically proven fact that in the event of an accident, using your seat belt will save your life. It is cool to wear seat belts. PLEASE WEAR THEM!

I can't even begin to imagine what a family goes through in the hours, days and years following the senseless death of a child. In all likelihood, both of the tragedies I described above could have been prevented if the children had buckled up the instant they got in their vehicles on those mornings. Please, don't let the next family to experience this heartache be yours.

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