Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We waited and waited and waited to find somewhere to eat that wasn't the fast food available at the rest areas, and we were finally rewarded for our efforts. We had all but given up on someplace anywhere remotely local and were going to settle for Cracker Barrel, when we happened upon the Quaker Steak and Lube in Austintown, OH.
While it is a chain, it is a local chain with a unique history, first begun in Sharon, PA as a cook-your-own steak joint. Later they expanded, and judging from the food, ambiance and friendliness of the staff, they have developed a winning concept
This location has three separate dining areas - the racing one, the motorcycle one, and the corvette one. Everywhere you can see creative and interesting displays.
Even the menu holds true to the brand.
And then there's the bathroom. You'll be happy to know that I didn't force The Mister to empty the bathroom so that I could go in and take the photos myself (as I have been known to do before - why do they always have the coolest bathrooms?
Maybe they just have more time to think?
Uh huh...
Don't think women would need this warning...
There's nothing like an upside down revolving Harley Davidson motorcycle above your head to build your appetite.
And a souped up classic car.
Oh yeah, they didn't forget a little embellishment in the ladies room either...
And then there's the Corvette room. I should mention that the whole time I was thinking "How could we do this with trains in North Platte, aka Rail Town USA?"
It wasn't all Corvettes, either. The Thunderbird was stunning.
I wonder if you wouldn't be just a little bit nervous with this above your head while you eat.
Okay, now we need to get on with the food. Mmmm this is the Oring Ontenna, complete with the Louisiana Lickers sauce. Delicious. The Mother In Law even commented that they were the best onion rings that she ever tasted.
This is me, so you know that local microbrews were at the top of my list to try. They featured a great Cleveland brewery, The Great Lakes Brewing Company. The Oktoberfest and the seasonal Christmas Ale were delicious. Oh, the food was great too.
For you local readers, the good news that their menu proclaims a location coming soon to Denver!
So, two blog posts in one day, not bad for a cloudy, overcast, rainy day heading into Pennsylvania.
Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


  1. I think a rail-themed version would be great! You could use one of those old oil cans with the super-long necks for the onion rings and have the sauce squirt out instead of oil!

    Oddly enough, I've spent many years in PA and never gone to a Quaker State and Lube. One is due to open in a nearby town (Fredericksburg, VA) so maybe I'll be able to remedy that soon!

  2. I've later found out that there's one in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, so they're closer to home than I thought.


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