Autumn Colors

Through laziness and thoughtlessness, I have nearly missed the window of opportunity to capture the beautiful fall colors we've had this October. However, there are still a few leaves left on the trees, so I decided to get some quick pictures to show you all.
Right at the house, the Catalpa trees are still pretty green but are starting to lose their leaves. The Black Walnut tree in the back is almost completely gold. With the rain yesterday, we can attest to the fact that a lot of leaves have fallen as our gutters were completely blocked and we had a waterfall outside the front door.
Across the street, the cottonwoods are still a beautiful gold, but looking at the neighbor's yard, he's got a lot of raking to do, with more to come!

And with the rain came a rainbow.

Sunday morning it looked to me like the clouds were going to break up and I was going to get some beautiful "sun peeking through the clouds" pictures. Unfortunately as I made my way north, the clouds closed in even more, so these will have to do.
Many of the trees along the river have already lost their leaves, but the native grasses along the county road are sporting their autumn colors.
Along the river, the gray overcast day didn't do anything for the quality of pictures, but since I know it's going to look a lot more bare in the weeks to come, I thought this was better than nothing.
From the predictions I've heard, we're supposed to have a colder than normal winter, but also drier than normal. I've always thought that if it's going to be cold, we might as well have snow. Sure got my wish last year, but this winter may just be cold.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on.


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