This Ain't Yo Daddys Bluegrass Music

The Henhouse Prowlers revere Earl Scruggs and Bill Monroe. They cover their songs with an enthusiasm and authenticity that would make these legends in the Bluegrass world proud. It is a joy to listen to their beautifully blended harmonies punctuated with belted-out solo performances. The intricate choreography of their single-mike performances is obviously challenging, yet carried out so gracefully as to seem effortless.

Our audences in conservative, outback Sutherland mentioned time and again how impressed they were with the boys, of course with their music, but also with the suits and ties that is their stage wardrobe, and just how plain nice they are.

But if you think you are going to go to a Bluegrass Festival and listen to the Henhouse Prowlers while you're quietly knitting, reading the daily newspaper or perhaps doze off, think again! If your concept of Bluegrass music is a dusty, rusty group of old-timers plunking away on tired well-worn instruments, you really NEED to see the Henhouse Prowlers - they will change your whole way of thinking. They perform mostly original music that reaches down into your soul not only with the wonderful vocals and musicianship, but with the depth of feeling in the lyrics. The powerful sounds they coax out of their instruments are matched by the strength of their vocal performances. Don't let any preconceived notions about Bluegrass music keep you from one of their performances.

They left our concert to head to Kearney and Lincoln, with performances at Cunninghams and The Zoo Bar. Believe me, it took all of our will power and concentration on our already considerably packed schedules to keep from making a road trip to see them again and again. We apparently have the makings of groupies, at least where the Henhouse Prowlers are concerned.

The aftermath of a House Concert like the one the Henhouse Prowlers presented, even one that was not nearly so well attended as the talent of the musicians and the quality of the performance deserved, has us planning and scheming as to how we can host more, and get more people to take advantage of the wonderful music that we're bringing to town.

Ah well. For now, we'll just play their CDs until we wear them out, anxiously awaiting the release of their next recording.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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