Mars vs Venus Logic

Adso the cat has a cold, which has turned into a sinus infection. A trip to the vet yesterday resulted in a ten day round of antibiotics. There is nothing quite so fun as trying to give a cat antibiotics.

While I was at the vet, I mentioned to her that Adso has decided he is no longer an inside cat. His greatest joy is escaping the house to explore the wilderness surrounding our home on the outskirts of Sutherland. There is no keeping him in, so I have bought him a collar (break-away so he doesn't strangle himself on his adventures), and a nametag emblazoned not only with his name, but mine and our telephone number. In fact, I have bought him two of these. They each lasted about a day and a half before he came home without them.

The vet can put a chip in him for about $50.00, which I thought was a bargain. The peace of mind knowing that he would be returned to me should he ever wander too far afield.

In discussing this avenue of action with The Mister last night, I got a taste of male logic when it comes to cats, or at least my male as it pertains to this cat. You see, Adso has been wandering pretty much ever since the weather turned nice this spring. He has been gone as long as two days at a time, yet has always returned. He is friendly, but not overly so to strangers. The Mister's view is that the only thing that will keep him from coming home is if he gets eaten by coyotes or run over by a car, in neither case would a chip be of help in getting him returned. Therefore, having a chip inserted is a waste of time and money.

Needless to say, I never thought of that.

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