Good Times...

What a weekend! It would be great to have a couple extra days off from work just to recover.

It started early on Thursday night with Fran Snyder appearing at our Nebraska Outback House Concert series. Even though the crowd was light, Fran did an excellent job, as always.

On Friday our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter came in from Lincoln, and we enjoyed a fun evening in Paxton with dinner at the Windy Gap, then on to 5 Trails Winery to hear Fran perform at their music series.

Saturday, alas, I had to deliver chickens for Seifer Farms, but the Mister, the kids and Fran enjoyed a leisurely tanking trip down the North Platte River. I made it back just in time to say goodbye and send Fran on down the road to his home, and to his next concert tour which will take him to California and back.

After recovering briefly, we made it out to Oregon Trail Golf Course for a quick nine holes of golf, then dinner from the grill on the patio and a quiet night listening to the first of the locusts buzzing in the trees while we sat in conversation around the fire pit.

Sunday started at 11:00 with another tanking trip down the Platte. This one got over far too soon, and we were all wishing that we had access to another getting-out point a few more miles down the river.

However, it left us plenty of time to get out to the Sutherland Reservoir at 4pm for a rousing game of Kayak Water Polo. It was our first time, and as soon as we recover, it won't be our last! Fun, but let's just say it's quite a workout.

The Mister was back at work at 6am this morning, the kids headed out at about 5 back to Lincoln, and I'm enjoying a few quiet minutes before I head back to work as well.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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