One Foot In The Grave Thursday Special

There is nothing in your life except what you put into it.

You know you are getting old when happy hour is a nap.

Fun is where you find it.

Spring cleaning should begin with the head and end with the heart.

Deep Freezers are the topic for today. 1842 H Benjamin patented a method of freezing food but his method changed the taste and texture of food. After World War One, Clarence Birdseye came up with a method of freezing food quickly by pressing directly between extreme cold metal plates. Due to the depression he sold out to Postum Company which changed their name to General Food Company. By the end of World War Two frozen food had become a standard house hold item. Do you remember the first frozen food you ate??

A good business to own in my early years was a locker business, usually it was connected to a Butcher shop (Meat Market). You could rent space and store your meat at the locker. You could buy a whole beef or pig they cut it up as you wanted and rented you space in the locker. You could also buy quarter, half or whole animal . Do you have a story about lockers?

We didn’t have to buy meat, eggs, milk, poultry from a store . We raised our own and my Dad would butcher in the fall so we had good meat all winter. He hung the carcass from the rafter of an out building and Mom would tell him what cut she wanted and he go out and cut it and bring it in for her to cook. The last time we butchered I was 11 years old, after that we bought from the locker what meat we wanted and rented a locker. My mother canned beef for use during warm weather.

My folks bought their first deep freeze 1951 the fist thing put in that deep freeze was my sister Bernice Wedding cake. Do you have a deep freeze story?

My note: If they're like me, the wedding cake is probably somewhere in the bottom of the freezer!

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