Nebraska Beautiful

Our Sunday afternoon tanking trip got pre-empted by the weather - with thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings cropping up all over the area, we decided it would be more prudent to embark on an afternoon cruise by pickup truck rather than by tank.

Please enjoy this photo essay of our trip.

The clouds building in the sky over the road north out of Sarben proved us right.
This skeleton of a lone tree has obviously weathered many storms.
The road less traveled stretches off into the distance as the rain showers start to move in.
The earlier April showers that the region has experienced have brought out the flowers... in June! If the rains stay gentle, we should have beautiful wild flowers throughout the summer.
Even the thistles display a certain beauty despite their thorns.
The valley of the Birdwood Creek under the overcast sky.
The Birdwood Creek winds through the Nebraska Sandhills. On an even less traveled road, somewhere north of Sarben, the storm clouds continue to move in.
While threatening, the clouds are still beautiful.
The crackle of electricity in the air has excited the ire of two Sandhills residents and they test their mettle against their opponent.
You'll recognize this junction from my "Seasons" posts. We are nearly home, and none too soon. This storm is moving southeast at about 50 miles an hour, packing 80 mile-an-hour straight-line winds, golf ball size hail and possible tornadoes.
Fortunately, all in the Nebraska Outback household weathered the storm safely. Others were not so lucky, but the damage done to rural Nebraska wasn't as severe as it could have been if the storm had decided to unleash all its fury.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this trek through the stormy Nebraska Outback. The coffee is always on.


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