Am I in the Running for Ultimate Deadliest Catch Fan?

Despite how obsessed my friends and family think I am, NOT EVEN CLOSE! I don't own any boxed sets of previous seasons. I don't own a single item of Deadliest Catch apparal (yet). I still have not seen the behind the scenes show from season 5 that I missed. I can't watch a scene and know exactly what season and episode it came from, and I can't name each and every boat and crew member that has ever appeared on the show.

OK, so everyone knows NOT to call me on Tuesday nights April through July, and I have been known to miss important meetings that are very inconsiderately scheduled for Tuesday nights.

I have blogged and shared other people's blogs about the show just a few times:
April 17, 2009
May 31, 2009
October 15, 2009

My Facebook account lists 27 "friends" who are also fans of or associated with the show, and a dozen fan pages of the same. My Deadliest Catch list on Twitter includes 42 fellow fans.

I do own an autographed copy of Captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrands book "Two Brothers, The Bering Sea and the World's Deadliest Profession." I managed to cajole a good friend into standing in line for me at the Minnesota Travel Show (I was at the Denver travel show with the water-skiing squirrel for entertainment) to get it autographed.
I also own Spike Walkers books "Working on the Edge" and "Nights of Ice" I own Travis Arkets wonderful photography book "Deadliest Waters". And of course there's the official Deadliest Catch Book "Desperate Hours".

Now I have just finished Captain Sig Hansens "North By Northwestern", which is a fantastic read, and which I will review at a later time, and which I hope to get autographed soon.

But truly, I don't think any of those things means I'm obsessed. I am just an Internet and book kind of person, right?

Well, I did recruit a crew of "Deadliest Deckhands" for a jump in the river during the Hoggy Doggy Splash. I have achieved the rank of Veteran Deckhand on the FV/Northwestern Forums, but that has more to do with the fact that I like to talk a lot, not necessarily an indication of obsession with Deadliest Catch.

I suppose what would truly help me clinch the title of Ultimate Deadliest Catch fan is the fact that the Mister and I will be attending CatchCon 2010, the Deadliest Catch fan convention in Seattle on May 1! Oh yeah, we'll be there along with about 500 other fanatics, meeting the Captains and crews, touring the Northwestern and the Wizard, and watching some exclusive footage of the upcoming season. We are also going to arrive in town in time to pay our respect by attending the public memorial service for Captain Phil Harris, the Captain of the FV Cornelia Marie, who tragically passed away in February of this year. (Thank you to the Captain Phil Harris fan who put together the above picture.)

The highlight of the trip for the Mister is going to be walking the decks of the boats that we see in action each week facing the harsh conditions of the Bering Sea. For me, of course besides getting to meet the Captains and crews, it will be meeting all of the wonderful friends whom I know "virtually" through the Forums, Facebook and Twitter. I've never met an Internet "friend" in person before, so it will be interesting to see how close my impressions are to reality.

Think I've got "ultimate fan" status yet?

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.
But don't bother me on Tuesday night.


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