Wrapping it up in Oklahoma City

The closing event for Heritage Clubs International Peer Group 2010 was a night at the Oklahoma History Center sponsored by the Globus Family of Brands, another one of the Preferred Tour Operators. I don't want to say they saved the best for last, because as you know from reading the previous posts, we had some pretty spectacular events and entertainment, but this was a very fun evening.
Oklahoma is oil country. It's too bad it was a rainy, cold, windy evening, because it would have been fun to have listened to the history of the oil industry while touring through period and contemporary equipment.
Oklahoma is home to more Native American tribal groups than anywhere else in the nation, mainly because so many tribes were relocated to the "Indian Territories" before Oklahoma became a state. That sad history can be found here at the Oklahoma History Center, with at least one-quarter of its exhibit space dedicated to Native American history.
The living history reenactors made the exhibits come alive, but I will warn you that although it is associated with the Smithsonian Institute, to me at least, this was an extremely confusing facility. I would recommend requesting a docent to help make sense of the way the exhibits are laid out. During my very brief visit, I wasn't able to follow the mind of the designer in the layout.
The entry way is spectacular, with a replica of Wiley Posts "Winnie Mae" soaring above the huge gallery, and the Oklahoma Capitol viewed prominently through the window. While the name Winnie Mae might not immediately come into your mind, it is quite famous in Oklahoma as the small plane that crashed in the Alaskan wilderness killing Will Rogers.
Globus treated us to performers from "Pump Boys and Dinettes" that will be appearing at Oklahoma City's Lyric Theater in June.
As you can see below, even after a week of being at breakfast at 7:30 a.m., and not finishing up at night until after 9:00, these club directors are still going strong.
That's a wrap for this year. You can follow the fun we had in Lafayette in 2009 in my posts from back then, and next year, be sure to return to find out all about what we'll be up to in Dubuque, Iowa.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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