Video Storytelling

The trip to Ole's Big Game Lounge was a success. Not only was the atmosphere wonderful, but the food was great and there were a couple of other cast members enjoying this quaint little Nebraska eatery and watering hole as well.
Gauthier, Violette and Tiffany with a North American native - an elk.
Violette showing the love to a Buffalo. We had quite a conversation about the buffalo, why they have disappeared, how most of them are ranch raised now, and why some restaurants serve buffalo meat.

At dinner Sunday night, those children for whom it was legal enjoyed a glass of 5 Trails wine with us, and we discussed the growing Nebraska Wine Industry. I believe we had a bottle of the Frontenac Blush, which is wonderful.
And, as I mentioned, the kids were game to try the local delicacy Mountain Oysters. Don't know what Mountain Oysters are? Comment on this blog post and I'll enlighten you.
We didn't think to clue Gauthier in that if you are sitting on the passenger side you have to get the gate, but he soon found out. With a little coaching, he did a fine job.

Since I've already invited you over for coffee, I'll just sign off until next time. Have a great day living your own adventures.


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