Verizon Wireless Customer Service FAIL

Below is the text of an e-mail I have sent to the Verizon Customer Service department, if you can call it that. Possibly it should be called the disservice department:

I am totally disgusted with the Customer Service I have received at Verizon, and have already begun researching the alternatives. I have been a customer of the various incarnations of Alltel Wireless since they first began in Nebraska in 1994, NEVER having switched companies in fifteen years. That is all about to change because of Verizon.

In December, I logged on to my Verizon website to sign up for the UP employee discount (my husband is a 30 year employee of Union Pacific Railroad). After signing up for the discount, I couldn't see where it showed on my account, so I called Verizon customer service and had the rep walk me through the sign up procedure. She assured me that although it wasn't showing up on my side of the website, it was showing up on hers and would be applied to my next bill.

When my next bill arrived, it hadn't been applied, so I called customer service again. I was told that the discount wasn't on this bill because it had already been printed at the time I signed up, so it would be on the February bill.

When the February bill arrived, the discount still hadn't been applied, so I called customer service once again. This time I was told that they didn't know why the discount hadn't been applied, and that she would manually deduct the 20% discount from the current bill due and that I was to pay the lesser amount.

Guess what? Now I am being told that the discounted amount is PAST DUE! And that there is no way the discount can be applied until I upgrade to VERIZON plans from Alltel. No one seems to know why I hadn't been told this during any of my past telephone calls, but of course, they are ALL VERY SORRY!

After having been assured by Angela, a customer service supervisor at the Louisiana call center today that if I made the 60-mile round trip to North Platte to the Verizon store, I would be able to upgrade all four phone lines that I pay for (yes, I spend more than $200 a month with Verizon), and I would be able to use the Buy One Get One free for the new Droid.

Absolutely no surprise at all, when I got to the Verizon store, it was a completely different story. Yes, I could upgrade all four lines to Verizon, for only slightly MORE than I had been paying with Alltel, but I would have to buy FOUR new phones ON THE SPOT, because Alltel phones don't work with Verizon plans!!! And of course, no one had made a note about the BOGO offer, so it wasn't on the table.

So even though my other son (who happens to live in Lincoln!) and my husband weren't with me, I was expected to pick out cell phones for them in order to switch over to the Verizon service.

Naturally, I am telling EVERYONE I come into contact with how I have been treated. I am twittering to my 630+ followers, and posting it on my Facebook personal profile and fan page, and am putting the text of this e-mail on my blog. I hope it has an effect, because you simply can't lie to your customers like I have been lied to by Verizon over the past four months and hope to continue to do business.


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