Nebraska Knows How To Have A Good Time!

For the past several years we have been unable to attend the Buffalo Bill Birthday Bash because it always seems to coincide with the travel show in Omaha. This year however, a colleague covered that show and left us free to have some fun!

The Buffalo Bill Birthday Bash is held each year in February on the closest Saturday to the birthday of the renowned showman. It is an event of the NEBRASKAland DAYS Foundation, whose job it is to make sure that the event stays on a sound financial footing.
Because they know how to host a party, each year they come up with a unique theme, and this year they scored big with "Cowboys of the Caribbean". Even the Mister joined in on the fun.
We saw a lot of friends there, and even made some new ones. It kind of breaks the ice when everyone is dressed like a pirate!
Entire groups of friends shelled out $50 a person to attend the gathering, all of which goes to help out the NLD Foundation.
The movers and shakers of the community were well represented. Here Sheriff Jerome Kramer shows off his fun side. Law enforcement was pretty well represented, but most were in uniform (and not a pirate uniform), standing outside the door just to make sure that everyone remembered not to overindulge.
The cornerstone of the evening is the live auction. Duane McClain served as the auctioneer for the evening, with all the NLD Board and staff helping out.
The retail community showed up in force as well.
Miss Rodeo Nebraska Michelle Boeshart is showcasing a signed New York Jets jersey by North Platte native Danny Woodhead. The jersey and accompanying picture fetched $675 on the auction.
In all, organizers estimated that the auction netted $14,000.00. We didn't score anything, although we were tempted by the night of music by Job, Peter and Chuck (local group), but it went just a little too steep for a House Concert crowd.
After the auction and appetizers, the hospitality booths open up. Here the North Platte Chamber Ambassadors prepare to serve.
American Mortgage is getting ready as well, shaking up the glow-in-the-dark shot glasses, which could come in real handy if yours happens to get mislaid.
The crew from NebraskaLand National Bank preparing their Sex-On-The-Beach shots. How appropriate!
Oh yes, I was not to be left out of the fun, either.
The band, Free Beer and Chicken was back for a return performance, and did an excellent job.
This handsome pirate is Alan Hirschfeld, owner of a fine downtown clothing store. He introduces his friend as pecker-head.
Lewys Carlini always comes up with the most fun costumes, whether it is for the Bash or the Hoggy Doggy Shadow Splash.
The dance floor was filled all night.
Everyone had a great time, and were reminded throughout the evening that if they over-indulged, the Quality Inn was providing a free shuttle service to get them home safely - or they would be more than happy to sell party goers a room!
All in all, it was a very fun night, for a good cause.
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