Miss Rodeo Nebraska Queen Clinic

While the beautiful Rodeo Queens making their circuit of the arena carrying the American flag to start the rodeo make it look easy, competing to win the title is serious business.

Each year the hard-working members of the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association host a queens clinic to help would-be royalty in their quest for a title. Like a great number of organizations that accomplish amazing things, the MRNA is completely volunteer, with the members donating countless hours to further their aims.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to particapate in the mock-interview panels helping these potential queens hone their interview skills.
Former Miss Rodeo Nebraska Lindy Quaney gives some of the junior age contestants tips on developing that perfect look with carefully applied cosmetics.
In the merchandise room, new and used clothing are offered for sale to the prospective candidates.
Clothing isn't the only thing needed to complete a Queen's outfit, you have to have just the right accessory, and these beautiful pieces certainly fit the bill.
These hand-made creations are the work of Robert Lesher, a jewelry designer from Chadron. You can imagine it was really difficult to remember that I was there to work, not to buy.
Rodeo queens aren't you're normal royalty - yes, all of the "Miss" this and that have to look great, but Rodeo queens have to care for their hats and boots in addition to their clothes. Kathy Moorehead, an experienced "Queen Mother" gives hints on hat care.
Presenting themselves in public is an important aspect of representing their event, community and state as a rodeo queen. Here former Miss Rodeo Nebraska and Miss Rodeo America Lori Bortner-Harding tells these young women what to expect and how to react when giving interviews. My role in the clinic today was to conduct mock interviews with these young women. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the way they represent themselves, how poised they are, and how dedicated to the sport of rodeo and in their desire to be good ambassadors for the sport and their community.
One of the interview questions I asked the ladies was what was their favorite workshop of the day, and one of the answers I got was the modeling clinic presented by 2009 Miss Rodeo America Maegan Ridley of California. Nearly all contests have a modeling aspect, and here the young women got tips on how to present their best sides.
The committee was very excited that the saddles that will be presented to the 2011 Miss Rodeo Nebraska and the 2010 Miss Teen Rodeo Nebraska at the contest during the Buffalo Bill Rodeo in June were completed in time to be displayed at the clinic. The saddles are sponsored by Agri-Affiliates and the Hansen Ranch.
Hand made and tooled by Court's Saddlery in Texas, these beauties will make the lucky winners very proud.
The queen candidates will be grilled about their knowledge of rodeo events. Here veteran judge Paul Cleveland gives them an education.
Appearing in pictures, and looking their best is an art in itself, and local photographer George Hipple teaches them how to let their personalities and inner beauty shine through.
The PRCA is one of the most preeminent animal-welfare advocacy organization in America today. They have produced an excellent film outlining the measures that have been put into place to protect the very valuable animals that are an intregral part of Rodeo.
The contestants are listening carefully to local Buffalo Bill Rodeo representatives Jack Morris and Marty Peterson tell what they do to keep the animals in good shape.
To accompany the film, the PRCA has produced two booklets to help the queens answer any potential questions.
There are organizations out there, which shall remain nameless, for which Rodeo, and the use of animals associated with Rodeo is targeted as unacceptable. As queens, these young ladies can use their position to help educate as to the importance the men and women involved in Rodeo place on caring for their livestock.
That was my day... Easy compared to the hard work that the girls went through.

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