Miles From Dublin

Mark and I don't go to a venue featuring Irish music without our own song book. Yes, we know most of the words, but sometimes a little reminder doesn't hurt. And, it helps others to sing along, too. North Platte definitely needs a little more practice in the concept of the pub songs sing-along.
Last year, right about this time, I blogged about the appearance of the Wild Clover Band at the Live at the Neville music series. This year, I'm writing about Miles from Dublin. As always, North Platte's "keepers of the Irish faith" Mike and Terrie Mooney of the Espresso Shoppe were on hand to prepare Irish coffee for the guests. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by their place of business for great Irish craic on St. Patrick's Day.
The volunteers of the Live at the Neville were incredibly enthused about hosting Miles From Dublin, and served the green beer with gusto!
Miles From Dublin comes from Kearney, Nebraska, which is indeed, miles from Dublin. That doesn't stop the members from playing wonderful traditional Irish music. The members of the band are Aaron Svoboda - Bodhran, Percussion, Vocals; Tim Sharkey - Guitar, vocals; Mike Metzger - Mandolin, Bouzouki, Banjo; and Greg Tesdall - Flute, Whistles, Saxophone, Melodica, vocals. They formed Miles from Dublin in 2009, but all have been playing together in the Wild Clover band for nine years.
Greg is a master of the whistles and flute, and with Aaron on the bodhran, they gave the crowd a real taste of the traditional elements of Irish music, just what was wanted the week before St. Patrick's Day.
The band has a full schedule of appearances slated for the 17th, which can be found on their website and facebook page. They've also posted some video that was taken at their performance in North Platte. If you love traditional Irish music, you know that the opportunities are few and far between to hear it in central Nebraska, so I encourage you to become a fan of Miles From Dublin and see them whenever you get the chance.

And, since this is my blog and I can... be sure to stop by the Nebraska Outback House Concert on April 23, where we will be presenting Marc Gunn, my favorite Celtic music performer.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee (Jamesons, coffee, sugar, whipped cream) is always on.


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