Action In The Mile High City

Yesterday was a wonderful day to drive across western Nebraska and eastern Colorado. The temperatures were in the 50's, and it was a bright, sunshiny day. Yes, it is early March, so the landscape is still made up mostly of browns, but the heavy snow fall we've had this year brings with it the promise of lush green growth soon! I can't wait.

Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery (OK, it does get a little tedious after awhile!), we passed the time with another action-packed installment of the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. Richard has survived a near-death experience in the Spanish frontier near Salamanca in the year 1812. Whew! We might actually get to finish this book this time. Of course, we'll start another one, then have to plan another road trip to get through it.
We made good time and arrived in Denver in plenty of time to check into our hotel, the downtown Comfort Inn, and walk a couple of blocks to Katie Mullens for lunch. The traditional Irish menu had so much to choose from, we had to head back there last night for dinner! For lunch we enjoyed the fish and chips and a corned beef cheesesteak. For dinner I had the bangers and champ while the Mister enjoyed a sirloin pie.

I have to thank my new best friends over at the Irish Beer Finder for helping to line up some wonderful Irish pub entertainment for our weekend, and the local publication Celtic Connection for even more!
This morning is the prelude to another beautiful Denver day. The early morning sunlight reflects off the Grand Hyatt.
And yes, we do have mountain views - you may have to squint past all of the buildings, but there are definitely mountains in the distance.
This is the view that I'm enjoying out of our window on the 14th floor as I compose this blog for you.
Today we're back at the Colorado RV, Boat, Sports and Travel Show, then a concert by the Young Dubliners and the Potcheen Pirates at The Soiled Dove. We are so looking forward to it. Hopefully they'll let me bring my camera in so I can share it with everyone.

Thank you for stopping by. You're on your own for coffee this morning.


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