Mason Douglas in Concert Feb. 19

We've had quite a few acts grace our stage (actually our living room) since we started hosting House Concerts more than a year ago. We've had folk, Americana, bluegrass, a German brass band, western, and now COUNTRY!

Mason Douglas will be appearing on Friday, February 19 at 7:30 p.m. We've never hosted an artist with their own fan club before, but since I posted the event on our Facebook page, I've heard from quite a few of them about how lucky we are to have him in our home.

A House Concert is an amazing way to see an artist. It's a small, intimate setting (and I have to admit that our acoustics are great!), and there's plenty of time to get to know the artist. If you're worried about what to expect, check out these next two videos. The first is composed of pictures taken from some of our previous concerts (OK, so I'm not a professional videographer... thank goodness our artists are professionals).

Some advice from Fran Snyder, the recognized leader of the House Concert movement:

Are you interested yet? Well, I'm not going to post my address and telephone number here in my blog, but you can e-mail me at nebraskaoutback@gmail.comfor all of the details, or check out our electronic House Concert Flyer.

There will be finger food provided, and feel free to bring your own to share as well. You're also welcome to bring your own favorite adult beverage, although our concerts are considered low-alcohol. Child care will be provided, so music-lovers of all ages are welcome. We will ask that you contribute a donation of $10 to $15 per person, ALL (yes, 100%) of which will go to the artist. We do this because we want to bring great music to the people in our corner of Nebraska, not to make money.

So what are you waiting for? RSVP now, or just make plans to be at our house on Friday!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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