If you weren't here, you missed an excellent concert...

Deciding to host house concerts has been one of the best things we've ever done. Not only do we have the opportunity to introduce great music to our little corner of Nebraska, but we get to shar our home for a short time with amazingly talented people.

Mason Douglas is an awesome performer, and what's even better is that he is a wonderful human being. One of these days, when he's playing to sold out concerts, we will know that he deserves every bit of success he gets. Go to his website and sign up to receive regular updates. His new CD will be out soon and you WILL want to purchase it.

How many times have you had the good fortune to be serenaded by a singer/songwriter playing their heart out on a song that they personally wrote? These happenings are commonplace at a House Concert. Even if you're not right beside the artist, everyone in the audience is within about twenty feet of them.

During the intermission and after the show, guests have the opportunity to get to know the artist, purchase their music and get pictures and autographs. One of these days I am going to remember to hand my camera to someone and get pictures with all of the artists! For now, the autographed head shot will have to do!

Our next artist is Daniel Boling, who will be live in our living room on March 19. Please plan to attend.

I know it's a little farther away, but mark you calendars for our April concert. It's the 23rd, featuring Celtic musician Marc Gunn. He promised to dance in his kilt (although not necessarily at our concert) if I posted a link to his website, so here it is www.marcgunn.com. Be sure to come to the concert and help me hold him to it.

Now I've got to stop writing and reliving the great evening with Mason Douglas and get ready for my six Up With People host children who arrive tonight!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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