The Hoggy Doggy Splash - Deadliest Deckhands Crew

Calling all deckhands - the crabbing fleet may be hard at work on the Bering Sea for the 2010 Opelio crab season, but here in Nebraska, we're calling deckhands to another icy and dangerous duty - participating in the 2010 Hoggy Doggy Splash on January 29.
I have always wanted to jump, but I am a complete wimp when it comes to cold! However, I have thought of a solution, and it combines the good deed of raising money for the Lincoln Connection, with my fanatical obsession with Deadliest Catch: Jump as a Deadliest Catch Deckhand!

Since it takes a crew to work the deck of a Bering Sea crab fishing vessel, I thought it would be fun to gather a whole crew to make the jump, so consider this your invitation to join in the fun!

Even if you’re not a Deadliest Catch fan, you’ve got to admit that the standard equipment of rain gear, boots, and gloves make the prospect of jumping into the ice-covered South Platte River just a little more appealing.
So what’s needed? Pick up some rain gear, scrounge up some other equipment, raise some pledges, choose your boat to represent and JUMP!

I’ve found rain gear at Orschelins and Tractor Supply for $10.00 to about $20.00 (and up, if you’re so inclined). I’m borrowing my son’s hip waders and just wearing blue Playtex gloves with liners. Crabbers favor fleece under the rain gear, so I’m going with long underwear, sweat pants, hoodie and the ubiquitous baseball cap. With an outfit like this, we should all stay warm and dry! At least that is the plan.

As you can see, my rain jacket will be representing the Fab Four of the Fleet: F/V Northwestern, F/V Time Bandit, F/V Corneila Marie and F/V Wizard.

In a letter to potential participants, the organizers said:

Awards will be given for best dressed, most money raised, oldest and youngest participants, and best activity incorporated into the act of getting wet. We are again encouraging participants to be involved individually and/or as a group or team by dressing alike or being involved in some common activity.

Awards will be given on both an individual and team basis. All jumpers need to raise at least $100.00 in donations to The Connection and to bring those donations with them on the day of the jump. Checks should be made payable to TheConnection.

So what do you say? Would you like to become a Deadliest Deckhand for a day? We already have a crew of four, or possibly five, should the Mister decide to man up and participate.

We've got two weeks to finalize all of the plans. So what are you waiting for - Shut Up And Fish!

Thanks for stopping by. Coffee and hot chocolate served as needed.


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