November and December House Concerts

The days just seem to be flying by. We're doing lots of stuff, but just don't have the necessary time to blog about it for all the world to see. November 19 we hosted the Double D Wranglers for some great western music and yodeling.
Chris, Charity and Paul did an amazing job and wowed our audience with their musical talent, great harmonies, Chris and Paul's yodeling, and their stage presence.
This was their first House Concert appearance, and they enjoyed it so much that they joined Concerts In Your Home so they could get more gigs! If you want to hear some great western music, check them out.
One of the greatest things about House Concerts, besides the wonderful music, is that it brings people together. Friends who may not have had the chance to have a conversation for awhile. Old acquaintances to catch up with, new friends to be made.
And an audience with a wide range of ages enjoying music they might not otherwise get a chance to hear.
Here's our youngest House Concert fan. He was born just four days after his mom sat through our first ever House Concert last year, so you can truly say he's been a House Concert fan all of his life.
A quick turn around, and we hosted Teresa Storch on December 4. And you're right, there are not a single Christmas decoration in sight anywhere in the house. I'm not a Grinch or a Scrooge, it's on my list of things to do! Probably this coming weekend.
Teresa put on a wonderful performance. Her song writing is amazing, with lyrics that make you see the story playing out in your minds eye.

So the three great things about a House Concert is: #1 - listening to great music, #2 - getting to know the musicians, and #3 - the friends gathered there.

Here Teresa shares a moment with one of the guests.
In any home, the kitchen is the heart, and when it's filled with goodies, even more so. Everyone makes a trip through during the break.
Sometimes getting them rounded up for the next set is a bit of a challenge, but getting them quiet for the drawing we do for the artist CD usually does the trick.
Hosting a House Concert, or any event really, can be nerve-wracking. There are all of the details to prepare, then the worry if anyone will show up or not. These artists spend a lifetime honing their craft and deserve to be paid well for the enjoyment they bring, so I'm always concerned whether or not we will generate a crowd for them. Thankfully, we always have.

As I enjoy the wonderful music, and listen to the people chatting and having fun during the break, strangely my thoughts turn to the future. There have been lots of good times in this house, where the Mister grew up, in the past. Many of those people who made memories here are now gone. One day these concerts and the good times people enjoy will also be only a memory, as new people make their own memories in this home. I hope the positive energy and good feelings will leave their mark.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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