Holiday Happenings in the Outback

Holidays in rural America, surrounded by family, friends and neighbors are the best. This year for the Nebraska Outback family, things were a little bit different. With only one child able to come home on Thanksgiving day, we decided to join the Sutherland Community "Home Alone" Thanksgiving dinner at the Methodist Church.
The church provides the turkey, dressing, gravy and mashed potatoes, and everyone brings in a covered dish or dessert.
If you are familiar at all with the concept of a pot-luck, you will understand that there was no shortage of delicious food. Our #3 son, who joined us, speculated on what would happen if everyone at a pot-luck just happened to bring the same dish. Turkey, mashed potatoes and 43 green bean casseroles. Fortunately, it didn't happen. I wonder if it ever has?As you can see, there was plenty of variety, and plenty of food.
Though it's billed as a "home alone" meal, many families get together and enjoy the time of food and fun.
More wonderful food. No one left hungry, and we were even encouraged to fix a plate to take home. What's a Thanksgiving dinner without leftovers?
The next day we traveled to Lincoln to enjoy the holiday with our Nebraska children who were unable to get the time off work to make the trip to Sutherland. It was our daughter's first family Thanksgiving meal, and she did a great job.
The holiday season moves quickly, and soon it was time for the Sutherland Christmas parade of lights. The parade fell on the same night as our December House Concert (pictures and post to follow), so the Nebraska Outback's didn't participate this year, but I did get some great pictures.
If I were a better photographer, I would have managed to take some photos without flash, so you could enjoy the lights too.
Santa rounded out the parade. Like a good Christmas parade at 6pm in early December with the temperature hovering in the 20's, it was short and sweet! Not a lot of dawdling along the parade route. The efforts of the many community groups to make it special is greatly appreciated.
There are lots of great holiday yards in our small town. Here an army of snow men keep watch.
And by Sunday morning, those same snowmen would be about knee deep (if snowmen could be said to have knees) in the real stuff. About four inches of the fluffy dry snow had fallen by Sunday evening. Now we are just waiting for the wind to come up and the second round of snow to begin tonight. It could get interesting.

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  1. I don't think I see any lights up on the outside of that house...

  2. Ummmm... about that... maybe no outside lights this Christmas. But I promise the Christmas Spirit will be in full swing inside... maybe next weekend?


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