It's Been A Hard Week

My #1 brother and his wife are the publishers and editors of our hometown newspaper, the Courier Times, which serves the Nebraska communities of Paxton, Sutherland and Hershey. My sister-in-law penned this editorial column in this weeks issue. It shows the spirit and compassion of rural Nebraska, as well as the practical common sense. I hope you enjoy it.

“It’s been a hard week,” is the comment I have been hearing a lot on the street lately. Lots of you folks out there are weary. You’re weary from losses. You’re weary from lots of extra activities. You’re weary from worry about the economy and a variety of other issues, and you’re weary from work.

For the first time in a long time, THE COURIER has more than a page of obituaries in this edition. Since we only run the ones that pertain to our local communities, that’s saying something. Some were due to natural causes, but too many weren’t. The Paxton community is reeling from the loss of two people to accidents last week, and several other local families are also mourning losses of young and old alike in recent weeks.

If you look at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s report in this issue, you’ll notice that there have been five car-deer accidents in the past few days, and unfortunately, a few DUI’s.

The fact that firearm deer season opens November 14, combined with farmers working frantically to get their corn harvested, can make driving even more hazardous.

When we get weary our reflexes slow down just a little – or a lot. We may get a little grumpy, and we may make poor decisions.

It would be perfectly alright with me if folks would get a little more sleep, leave a little sooner, and drive a little slower. Watch for the harvest trucks – and the deer – and the other guy on the road – and give them all plenty of room. Our young people are pretty good drivers in town, but one almost made a “Courier Editor” shaped dent in her car last week, as I was attempting to cross the street.

Let’s be kind and courteous to one another. We want to see you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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