Snow Day!

The sun rose and the snow just kept coming! It finally quit around 11:00, and the snowfall amounts are in the 12 - 16" range. The NWS isn't posting the local October records yet, but I'll bet this one makes it into the books.
I thought so - here is info from the National Weather Service:
...Snowfall Records Shattered With The First Snowstorm Of The Season…

A new snowfall record was set for the month of October, when 13.8 inches
was observed at the National Weather Service Office at North Platte
Regional Airport. The old record occurred way back on October 29th and
30th 1896, when 13.0 inches was observed.

Snow depths of over a foot and a half were reported in and around the
North Platte area. Snow fell continuously from 8 pm CDT Friday evening
until 10 am CDT Saturday morning.

An unusually strong Arctic cold front ushered in temperatures from the
upper teens to middle 20s by mid evening Friday. As a strong Polar
jetstream acted to bring persistent lift to the area Friday night, moderate
snow fell continuously across the Nebraska Panhandle into west central
and central Nebraska.

Because the airmass was unusually cold, this caused the snow to be rather
light and fluffy, thus the high snowfall totals. Below is a list of snowfall
totals across western and north central Nebraska Saturday morning.

And it is such a beautiful snow - light and fluffy, didn't do much damage to the trees. There wasn't any wind, so it all just came straight down without drifting.
What do guys in the Nebraska Outback do when it snows? They get out their tractors and play. Before the Mister could get out and about, our neighbor had his blade hooked up to his four wheeler and started clearing our driveway.

Not satisfied to let him play alone, the Mister hooked up the heavy equipment to finish the job. This snow came early enough that he actually wasn't jonesing too bad to play in the snow. You'll notice he doesn't even have the tire chains on the tractor. I'm sure he'll remedy that just as soon as the weather turns nice again.
Kind of an odd way to measure snow, don't you think? And not very accurate either.
I'll be willing to bet that it won't be long until I'm tired of the view of snow covered landscapes, but the first one of the season is kind of exciting. This is off of the North Platte River bridge looking east. While we didn't go tanking down this particular stretch of water, it wasn't so long ago that we were floating down this river enjoying the summer sun.
The hills are covered as far as the eye can see.
Looking back at Sutherland from the first Sand Hill north of the river. You can see the Gerald Gentleman Power Plant in the background, steam rising from the twin stacks.
I've shown you what the Nebraska Outback men do when the snow flies. What do the women do? Or at least this particular woman? Yes, here it is. Parked in front of the fire or sitting in the hot tub are two of my favorite spots in the winter.
What else do I do? How about a delicious pot of seafood soup? That'll warm a body right up.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to forgo the coffee this afternoon and move right on to the hot chocolate flavored with Peppermint Schnapps. Mmmm.


  1. Wow. And I thought 50 degrees was cold to run in this morning. Sure beats a foot of snow! Could really go for a good book and that fireplace though, looks cozy.


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