Loved Flogging Molly at the Stir Concert Cove

So don't let me die still wondering
What it was I left behind
I want a race well run ahead of the gun
With a dance before the far finish line

Pretty good words to live by. Don't Let Me Die, sung by Flogging Molly, one of the most fantastic bands in the world.

Those of you who live in eastern Nebraska have a great concert venue at the Stir Concert Cove. OK, it is actually in Iowa at Harrah's Casino, but really, it's just across the river!

We went to the last concert of Flogging Molly's west coast tour, which sounds kind of odd, considering it was held just about as far from any coast in the U.S. that it is possible to get!

Before I get too far into this post, I want to credit Omaha Night Life for the photos. Since my camera wasn't allowed into the concert venue, I really appreciate them taking the pictures and posting on their website in such a way that they can be used.

The night started off windy and warm, but soon changed to windy and cool.
An awesome Celtic Punk Rock band from Chicago, Flatfoot 56 opened the show for Flogging Molly. They've got a great bagpiper in Josh Robieson - he really makes the show. I'm listening to their Jungle of the Midwest Sea right now - might  not be everybody's cup of tea, but I think it's great. They're going to be in Omaha at the Sokol Underground on October 24 - think I can convince the family to accompany me again.The band really got the crowd warmed up, especially with their closing song "Amazing Grace" in which everyone participated.
I have to feel sorry for the next band, the Architects from Kansas City. They put on a great show, and the crowd was polite to them, but Flatfoot 56 had really gotten us yearning for Flogging Molly, so it didn't seem that we really got into them.

Ah but don't, don't sink the boat,
That you built, you built to keep afloat,
Ah no don't, don't sink the boat,
That you built, you built to keep afloat (Float)

And then... there they were, Flogging Molly, with that incredible music, lyrics and Dave King's amazing vocals.
... But nothin' ever came from a life that was a simple one, So pull yourself together girl and have a little fun (Devil's Dance Floor).
If I ever leave this world alive, I'll thank you for the things you did in my life... wherever I am you'll always be more than just a memory... (If I Ever Leave This World Alive).
The son never shines on closed doors... and we all go the same way home... (The Son Never Shines on Closed Doors)
As I said, it was a fantastic concert, a great venue, and the night ended much too soon. Make plans to see any of thee wonderful bands when you get the chance, and if there's someone at Stir Concert Cove that you want to see, I highly recommend the venue.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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