The Yampa Valley Boys in Concert

I have now found that there is something new to be nervous about when hosting House Concerts... success! We had a great concert Thursday night - between 65 & 70 people showed up on our front lawn to hear the Yampa Valley Boys performing great Cowboy music and poetry!

I thought at first as I was driving home from work that the clouds to the west seemed to be too threatening, and that we should just bite the bullet (cowboy pun intended!) and move the concert indoors from the start. A quick check of the National Weather Service showed the storm tracking to the south, so the decision was made that the concert would, indeed, be outside - and thank goodness!
More and more people started showing up, and soon the front yard was filled! The Yampa Valley Boys really stepped up to the plate and put on a fine performance, which everyone enjoyed immensely!
During the break between sets, everyone gets a chance to meet neighbors and make new friends, which, besides the music, is the whole point of House Concerts! It's also a time to get up close and personal with the artists, get their autographs and buy their merchandise.
And just look at this spread of food! Not only do people come to the concert, help out by spreading the word and inviting their friends, drop a donation in the jar, but they also bring FOOD to share.
Another absolutely wonderful House Concert. I hope everyone who comes has as much fun as we do hosting them. I've been checking out the Concerts In Your Home website to find new artists for the fall and winter, and checking the local sports and Nebraska Football schedule to see just what will work.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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