New Direction In Life

Youth and good advice is wasted on the young.

I was giggling about this thought the other day as the Mister and I enjoyed an evening cruise with a couple of friends. We chose a jeep with no windows, and of course it poured while we were out which made it a lot of fun. We encountered some young people doing the same thing (except in a warm, dry pickup). Young people who had young children to go home to. 

Cruising country roads never gets old. It might seem strange to the kids to see us old folks out cruising the same roads we have been driving for 30 or more years, and that they think they own at this point. But, we've earned it, and you'll probably see us out there again rain or shine.

Now on to the good advice part. All young mothers have heard the advice to enjoy your kids while they're young because it'll go by so quickly. When you're in the middle of crying, sleepless nights and feeding and diapers, then school and activities and fights, then driving, more sleepless nights and dating and first jobs, you really think it never will end.  Some of it doesn't, the love, the worry, the hopes. But the tediousness does.

After spending a week with the amazing young woman my daughter has become, and yesterday moving our youngest into his first apartment 250 miles away from home, getting the invitation to another son's engagement party, and seeing the other three settled (mostly), successful (mostly), and independent (mostly), I have the same advice for young parents. Enjoy it all, the good and the bad, because it's all worth it, and it will pass more quickly than you can imagine.  Those little hand-fulls will one day be intelligent, funny, interesting and engaging FRIENDS!

Thanks for stopping by. Just some thoughts from a coffee shop with free WiFi in Lincoln.


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