Nebraska Whirlwind

Not the bad kind of whirlwind, just the good kind!

I sometimes wonder if we can possibly get any busier. It has really been a whirlwind week. The Mister and I are nearly-new step-grandparents (13 months now!), and had our first experience with the granddaughter visiting for a week. While we're really new at this kind of thing, having a 9-year old around for a week wasn't too bad.

She got lots of playing time in with some nieces, which took a lot of the pressure off, and we spent two days camping out at the beautiful Sutherland Reservoir (One of these days, I'm going to spearhead a naming contest for the Reservoir - the name just doesn't do it justice!). Naturally, it had to thunderstorm every night, but it was just light, noise and rain, so we survived.

Actually, I have FINALLY learned the secret of conquering my fear of storms. Just have someone smaller and more afraid than you are around all of the time. You have to stay brave for them... and calm, cool and collected! It really works.

Now I just have to learn the secret of hosting a House Concert without a stress meltdown. Yes, our next Nebraska Outback House Concert is tonight! A call came in Thursday from a Brass Band from Germany who is touring the states and had a night free between Denver and Omaha... Could they play Sutherland Monday night? Of course I said yes, so if you're in the neighborhood be sure to stop by. It's going to be a beautiful Nebraska evening, so we're going to be playing in the front yard. You can't miss us.

So what did we miss by spending a great weekend at the lake with our family and friends? Open Mic on the Bricks in downtown North Platte with more friends, the first Arts Around Town sponsored by Creativity Unlimited Arts Council in North Platte, the Friends of the Library Gardens and Gables tour, and the South Loup River Blues Festival in Arnold, which we had really hoped to do this year. But, we wouldn't trade the time we had at the lake for all of these.

The wheat farmers would really like some hot and dry days instead of hot and humid days. Rain nearly every night for the past week, with high humidity during the day just isn't helping them get the wheat out of the fields. Sure has been good for the corn and wildflowers though.

Thanks for stopping by! Coffee with six German musicians and their road manager at my house tomorrow morning!


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