Independence Day Preparations

It has been a busy week in and around Sutherland as everyone scurried to complete their preparations for the big Independence Day Celebration.  

The folks involved with the events in Sutherland have been busy planning. 

The Longhorn Bar, which will be hosting a beer garden and live music brought cattle panels in to close off the streets.

The delicious brisket that will be served at the community barbecue this afternoon has been cooking for DAYS and will be absolutely wonderful.

The village maintenance crew has been busy sprucing up the town. Kids and parents have been busy stocking up on the fire works (and dogs have been cowering in basements all over town).

Last minute improvements have been made to parade floats, and horsemen and women have been washing, trimming and brushing up their steeds.  Candy runs have been made so that all the little kids lining the parade route will go home happy.

And on the subject of horsewomen, the awesome Junior Queen Contestants have been busy showing off their skills and are now waiting anxiously to hear who will become the new Sutherland Rodeo Junior Queen.  As an aside, the 2010 Miss Rodeo Nebraska, Michelle Boeshart of Maxwell is a former Sutherland Rodeo Junior Queen.

Kids have been scouring the country side for frogs and toads to enter into the Frog races sponsored by Seifer Farms (the most delicious free-range chicken in Nebraska!).

The hometown boys from Bynded were rocking out and giving the town a glimpse of the great music they'll be playing at the concert tonight.

Here in the Outback household, 4th preparations include washing and polishing #3 son's 1971 Volkswagon Van which will be seen all over town over the next few days.

Even the dog got into the action, hoping that he would be asked to ride shotgun.
Then he got distracted by a neighborhood cat and lost interest in the V-Dub.

About 45 minutes ago I heard the sweet sounds of my sister-in-law's beautiful voice belting out the National Anthem over the loudspeakers at the football field, where the run/walk was beginning. Now that's the way to start the 4th of July!

I'd better get headed out so I can get pictures of the kids games, frog races, bbq and all of the other great fun the day has in store.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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