How Great is This?

I wanted to add something more to yesterday's blog post, but I didn't want to just edit it because I didn't want the concept to get lost.

The Mister and I probably have more opportunities than most to showcase what we love about Nebraska to visitors. It's what I do for a living, and it has kinda rubbed off on him, so it's also what we do for fun. Whether it's our Up With People kids, House Concert performers, or just strangers traveling through, we always try to get them to really see how great this area is.

I had to work on Tuesday after our Monday House Concert, so the Mister entertained the guests until they got on the road for their Omaha show. Not a lot of time, but he loaded them up and headed north. They first stopped at the Mormon trail ruts just north of the river bridge, then drove another few miles north before stopping.

Remember now, Germany is roughly the size of Nebraska, only with 82 MILLION people, compared with Nebraska's 1.7 million. When you step out of your vehicle in the middle of the Sandhills, the total absence of man-made sound that fills your ears can't be found many other places in the world.  All of the guests we have taken up here, even if it is for a short trip are overwhelmed by it.

As one guest from Chicago said "It does my heart good to know that places like this still exist in the world." I agree.

The Sandhills put on a show for our friends from Germany. Besides still being lush and green and filled with wildflowers, which is sometimes hard to come by in mid-July, two Antelope stood observing the intruders from a short distance. Opposite them was a Mule deer. On the way back, a little sand turtle was crossing the road.

The guys insisted on a stop at the historic bridge across the North Platte river, while two of them shucked their sandals and waded right in and the others just enjoyed the view.

My point is this. Nebraska is wonderful! Do we who live here take it for granted how great it is? Maybe so, since one of our greatest challenges is the "brain drain" stemming from our young people leaving the state.

Anyway, if you live here, get out and enjoy! Whether it's downtown Omaha or Lincoln, one of our great second- and third-tier cities or small town or rural county... enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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