There's The Rub

Here is another installment in my ongoing attempt to educate my readers about the Nebraska Sandhills.

Any idea what the object in the foreground is?

No, it's not some relic left over from the days when Native Americans roamed freely over the Great Plains.

Here is a closer view.

Any guesses?

It's a cattle rub.

Constructed of two posts, a cable stretched between, and gunny sacks tied onto the cable. It is placed near a water source like the windmill and tank above. The gunny sacks are doused with an insecticide. The cattle come to water, walk under the rub, and the insecticide is transferred from the gunny sacks to their hair. Voila, fly free! 

It doesn't take long for the cattle to learn to walk under the rub. Whether they instinctively know that it reduces the irritation from flies, or they just like getting their backs rubbed, it is a very effective way to administer the fly repellant.

Thanks for stopping by. We can discuss any more questions about life in the Sandhills over coffee.


  1. WOW!!!!!
    I LOVE these pics Nebraska!!! they are excellent!!! and what an ingenious solution! I gotta say, I thought someone was drying sheep fleeces! = )


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