Don't Judge A Mascot By It's Vinyl

Ever wonder what's hiding underneath all that bright and bouncy vinyl of an inflatable mascot? The fun thing is that you will never really know unless you happen to catch one unawares in the process of donning the disguise.

As you can see, a mascot without it's heart of living breathing humanness is kind of sad.

But, just add some battery power, a little air and a heartbeat and he springs to life!

Always remember to be kind to mascots. It's kind of a tough job.  You can't see a lot, and you can't hear a lot and the equipment weighs about 50 pounds. Some kids want a hug or a high five, some want to punch you in the belly, and some scream and run.  You just never know what's going to happen next.

Whoever is inside is there because they want to help people have fun.

This particular mascot is Spike the Engineer, representing the Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center in North Platte.  Spike is there to encourage everyone to connect with their inner Rail Fan and come and see all of the trains at Bailey Yard, the world's largest railroad yard. 

So what, or who is inside of an inflatable mascot?  It just might be Nebraska Outback. You never know.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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