It's the Right Thing to Do

My whole family has gotten involved in raising money for the new Sutherland swimming pool.

As I wrote before, my mom who owns a fitness center, my brother and sister-in-law who own the local newspaper, Courier-Times and also my family's farm, which is Seifer Farms Free Range Chickens sponsored the "Great Pound Pluck-Off" in which participants won their weight lost in farm fresh chickens.  All the proceeds from the entry fees went to the pool fund.

Now my other brother is getting into the act.  He is a very talented (and busy) carpenter in the area.
Yet he took the time to build this absolutely darling little playhouse.  Kildare Lumber Company, which has been in business locally for 100 years, donated the material, and my brother donated all the labor.
Some lucky child will win this playhouse in a raffle.  Tickets will be sold throughout the summer, including at the Sutherland 4th of July celebration, the Lincoln County Fair, and probably throughout some of the early high school football games.  Again, all of the proceeds will go to the Sutherland Pool Fund.
My family has also organized another fundraiser that I didn't get a chance to participate in.  A horseback trail raid along the Oregon Trail.  The family farm is the site of a road ranch and pony express station, and Oregon Trail remnants can be seen across the land.  Not only was there a great trail ride, but there was a horse training demonstration, musical entertainment and a presentation on the historical "Dorsey's Station".  Again, all proceeds went to the pool fund.

Why all of this fuss over a swimming pool?  Sutherland's pool had to be demolished over the winter because it had become so dilapidated that it could no longer be repaired.  Small town rural Nebraska just isn't the same without a swimming pool that kids can ride their bikes to in the summer time.  It's just the right thing to do.

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is always on.  Drop a donation in the box and it'll go to the pool fund.


  1. aahhh...images of young barefoot Tom Sawyer and the swimming adventures in the Mississippi River.

    Thanks Muriel



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