Flashback: Fashions of Yesteryear

After spending a day recently volunteering at a vintage fashion show fundraiser, I have to renew my admiration of our ancestors.  First of all, the majority of our models had to be in the 12-15 year old age range, just to fit into the beautiful clothes!  Even the wedding dresses!  Women have always sacrificed for beauty, but wearing a corset so that one's waist fit within a handspan is taking it too far!

Here one of Nebraska Outback's nieces models what is probably a tennis dress or something that would have been appropriate for a summer picnic.  Notice the lack of footwear - one of the hardest things to find that is appropriate to "vintage fashions!"

A beautiful prom/ball gown circa 1950's.  If this one ever comes up missing from the Museum, I think I know where to find it, as she fell in love with it.
Another of Nebraska Outback's nieces with a beautiful black evening gown and jacket from the teens or twenties.
A more casual look from the era of the flappers.  There were several fashions from this era, and some of the models did an impromptu Charleston.
Another picture of the hand-sequined prom dress.
Not all of the models were teens.  There are some fortunate adults who have the tiny waists that can show off these beautiful fashions.  My niece on the right is modeling a hand-sewn wedding dress that dates from the 1950's.
This beautiful dress dates from the late 1800's, or possibly one of the first years of the 1900's.
These two sisters gave up a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon to model for us.
Hair, makeup, jewelry, and getting dressed in the fragile vintage clothes took hours!  Thank goodness I was behind the camera and not in front.
This is just another perfect example of the great things that come about when people become involved in their community.  The Lincoln County Historical Museum furnished the fashions and was also the recipient of the funds raised.  A non-perishable food item was required along with the admission ticket, so our local food pantries benefited as well.

The Lincoln County Tourism Advisory Council provided the volunteers to organize and promote the show, and to recruit the wonderful models!

Great job everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.  If it was "back in the day", I'd have to loosen my corset to have a sip of coffee.  And those were the good old days!


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