What to do? What to do?

Five days off!  The reward for working all of those extra hours and days during the show season.  Now I have to decide what to do!  With temperatures ranging from the 90's to the 50's, slight chances of rain, and of course the wind, the weather isn't going to have much of an effect on my decisions.

So here goes:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Country Bluegrass Show in North Platte!  Today I get to spend the afternoon there by myself, then tomorrow Mark will be joining me, and Saturday will be with my sister.  Three great days of music.  Today I'll hear The Stanleytones, Digger Davis and Tombstone, The Ozark Alliance, Goldwing Express and Danny Paisley and Southern Grass.

Since it is going to be 90 degrees today, I'm going to forgo the evening of music (6pm to 10pm), and instead just go noon to 5, then head to the hills!  It's been since President's Day since we've been able to spend any time up on the ranch, and I am jonesing to go!  I don't think we'll get any work done, just enjoy a hike.

Would love to squeeze in another mushroom hunt, maybe on Sunday.  We've been told about a "secret spot" that is supposed to be carpeted with the little buggers.  Sunday is also a special open mic night at A to Z in North Platte.  So much to choose from!

Then Monday another day off, and probably back to the hills, this time to roll up my sleeves and make more progress on the house.  You can see from here that there's LOTS to be done.  

I also just need some pictures without snow in them.

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is in the travel mug, ready to be on the go.


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