Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway

The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway takes travelers off the beaten path on Nebraska's Highway 2 from Grand Island to Alliance.  Nearly the entire journey traverses the great Nebraska Sandhills, which is truly Nebraska's Outback.

You will be awed by these magnificent grass-covered dunes of rolling sand, you will come to understand that it is true that Nebraska has more miles of shoreline than any other state as you intersect the beautiful South Loup and Middle Loup Rivers.

You will experience small-town Great Plains life at it's best as you take the time to explore Cairo, Ravenna, Litchfield, Ansley, Broken Bow, Merna, Anselmo, Dunning, Halsey, Thedford, Seneca, Mullen, Whitman, Hyannis, Ellsworth and Alliance.
This is Cowboy Country, where the Kings of the Cattle era reigned over the last of America's open range.  It's also where many immigrant families got their start when the Kinkaid Act replaced cattle with homesteaders.  Today it is the people as much as the great scenery and diverse wildlife that make this drive exceptional.  You'll meet new friends and experience some colorful characters on your journey.

The great Charles Kuralt once called Nebraska's Highway 2 one of America's 10 most beautiful highways.  Don't leave a statement like that unchallenged.  Go see it for yourself.

Spring truly is in the air.  That last storm brought us rain instead of snow, so it's time to get the oil changed and check the tires and start making plans for your Road Trip!  You can plan your trip by visiting

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