North Platte Art Center Progress

Plans are well under way to convert the historic 1913 Federal Building in downtown North Platte to an Art Center. Below is a picture of a postcard from 1913 that shows what the building looked like in it's heyday.

It is the intention of the Creativity Unlimited Arts Council to restore it to this appearance.
It's hard to read these plans from these very poor pictures, but the Art Center is going to be AMAZING!
Just some of the disciplines that there'll be room for: Literary Arts, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts (music, dance, drama), Sculpture and Three-Dimensional work, Painting, Fabric Arts, Wood Working, Welding (I suppose this would technically be part of the sculpture part), Glass Blowing, Ceramics. There's even plans to have a couple of studio apartments for "starving artists".
There will also be galleries for a permanent collection, western art, traveling exhibits. Meeting space...
There's so much that I know I'm forgetting something, probably many things. It will be a vibrant, active cornerstone of the historical downtown.

Oh yes, and we all had fun at the reception where all these plans were unveiled!

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  1. we had a silent April Fool's day here
    Sig biting the herring... who would have predicted????


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