Nebraskans Like Their Beer

I don't usually pull articles right out of the newspaper for my blog posts, but some are just too good to pass up, like this one that was in Sunday's newspaper:

The beer industry that includes brewers, distributors, suppliers and retailers contributes $865 million annually to Nebraska's economy.

According to an economic impact study commissioned by the National Beer Wholesalers Association and Beer Institute, the beer industry provides 12,290 jobs that pay more than $280 million in wages in Nebraska.  It also brings in $82 million in federal, state and local taxes.

"America's brewing industry continues to play a pivotal role in supporting this nation's economic viability." Tom Long, Miller-Coors president and Beer Institute chair said in a press release.

The beer industry directly employs 7,939 people in Nebraska and pays $144.2 million in wages in 2008, according to the study.  Nebraska's 26 beer distributors employ 513 people while brewers and beer importers employ 59 people.

Beer sales also help support about 7,367 jobs at licensed retailers, which include supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, stadiums and other outlets.

Nationally, the beer industry contributes $198 billion annually to the U.S. economy and provides nearly 1.9 million jobs that generate $62 billion in wages and benefits.

Wow!  Sounds like one of the best economic stimulus plans would be to drink more beer.  If it were possible for me to drink more than one per night, I would try to do my part.  Someone will have to take up the slack for me.

Nebraska does have some great micro-breweries.  There's the Thunderhead Brewery in Kearney.  Right now they have a "Golden Frau" Honey Wheat.  Mmmm.

And then there's the Empyrean Brewing Company in Lincoln.  Wow do they have a great selection.  Chaco Canyon Honey Gold, Burning Skye Scottish Style Ale, Luna Sea ESB, Third Stone Brown, Dark Side Vanilla Porter, Collapsar Oatmeal Stout.  I don't think I've ever tried one that wasn't exceptional.

In Omaha, there's the Upstream Brewing Company.  They have more fresh brewed beers than I can mention, and they also have cask conditioned ales.  A real treat.

Dusters in Columbus brews their own beer (try their 1916 Irish Stout), as does Granite City in Lincoln.

I'm sure I've missed a micro brewery or two, so if you know of one, let me know.  Of course, I'll have to go check it out before I write about it!

Thanks for stopping by.  Coffee or beer.  Your choice.


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